OCC at AMS Annual Meeting


The OCC will be present at the American Meterological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting. Dr. Maria Patterson, Scientific Lead for the Open Science Data Cloud and member of the Matsu and NOAA Data Alliance working groups, will be part of a panel discussion on the NOAA Big Data CRADAs.

For all types of data added to the OCC NOAA Data Commons, we are to looking to gather a collection of open source tools (e.g., Python or R based) for exploratory visualization and analysis that can be provided to researchers in our commons and lower the barrier to entry for researchers who are re-using NOAA data for perhaps non-traditional purposes.

If you are a researcher with experience handling NOAA data and would like to suggest friendly resources, let us know at noaa.crada@occ-data.org or talk to Dr. Patterson at the meeting.

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