OCC - Now Hiring a Project Manager

Join our team!

We need your help accelerating research and discovery! Awareness of the importance and utility of Data Commons is growing rapidly and our capacity needs to expand to match.

We are very pleased to be hiring a project manager. The position will work across each of the three sub-organizations in CCSR, a Chicago, IL based 501(c)3 nonprofit: the Open Commons Consortium (OCC), the Data Mining Group (DMG), and the BloodPAC Consortium (BloodPAC).

This is a unique chance to work in a cutting edge not-for-profit environment, supporting research and discovery in a wide variety of cross-disciplinary data science fields. A project manager for the three CCSR sub-organizations would have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to impact transformative change through data science, working with recognized leaders across multiple fields in a fast-paced learning environment.

Please review the full job description and apply by sending a resume and cover to jobs@ccsr-inc.org.

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