NEXRAD L2 in the OCC Environmental Data Commons


NOAA NEXRAD L2 data is now available in the OCC Environmental Data Commons as part of the NOAA Big Data Project.

The NEXRAD dataset is ID'd by the Signpost digital ID system. Signpost balances the needs of both data archiving for persistent storage, that is, assigning identifiers to unique pieces of information, and also active computation, that is, for finding locations of data on a living system where data may be physically moved or updated. OCC Members constructed a simple implementation of this design in a two-layer identification scheme service with a REST-like API interface. By utilizing the Signpost digital identifier service, we can relocate data files from our data commons to another commons and no researcher needs to change their code.

We have also made public a sample analysis of NEXRAD L2 data that uses Signpost, Jupyter Notebook, and the Py-ART python package. The analysis creates an animated visualization of a mayfly event available as a public snapshot image for OSDC Griffin allocation grantees, or for non grantees via github or

If you have any questions or comments, please contact noaa dot crada at

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