OCC-NOAA Data Alliance Planning Meeting on June 2nd, 2015


Following the announcement about NOAA and OCC's agreement to make more of NOAA's extensive environmental data available to the public, a planning meeting has been scheduled on June 2nd for the OCC data alliance. In the meeting, the alliance will gather requirements from the community for datasets to be hosted, prioritize key middleware services, and develop a roadmap for the alliance.

The data alliance will be managed as part of the OCC’s Open Science Data Cloud Working Group.

The meeting will be held in the Matter conference space in Chicago's historic Merchandise Mart with the generous support of the Matter team. The OCC was announced as a member of the Matter community in Feb 2015.

To get involved with the OCC Data Alliance or to receive an invite to the June 2nd meeting contact noaa.crada at opencloudconsortium.org.

From the OCC Press Release:

“NOAA’s data is one of the fundamental sources of data for researchers that describes the world around us,” said Tom Schenk Jr., Chicago’s Chief Data Officer. “The agency collects data that impacts each one of Chicago’s residents. Improving out ability to access this data will help us predict a range of activities, from economic activity to downed trees. Through OCC, we’ll be better-equipped to provide real-time analytics that can improve our city.”

An example of the potential for discovery in NOAA data:

Public availability of this data is important not only for Earth science and environmental studies, but also for studies of human health, social behavior, economic impact, and urban development. For example, researchers involved with Project Matsu, an OCC collaboration with NASA for processing satellite data, are interested in combining different sources of Earth science data to improve the prediction of floods for regions such as Namibia, which are prone to floods and do not have the regional resources for such efforts themselves.

To learn more about NOAA's broader initiative visit NOAA's Data Alliance site.

OCC's Full press release visit can be downloaded here.

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