OCC Featured in Campus Technology


The Open Cloud Consortium is featured in an article in Campus Technology that showcases our efforts to provide the research community with the tools they need for discovery.

The full piece by David Raths can be found here.

"We started before the current interest at NSF and other funding agencies in big data and data science," said [Dr. Robert] Grossman, who is a professor in the division of biological sciences at the University of Chicago (IL). "There just wasn't an interest in data-intensive science or big data or supporting data repositories at scale."

The OCC's foundational approach to Data Commons:

OCC is based on the idea of a "data commons," which Grossman described as a collection of scientific data either within a discipline or across disciplines. "The idea is that co-locating compute over that data allows for discovery that might not be possible if you were just looking at your own data set," he said. One of the motivations for creating OCC was to make it easier to create commons of data that would support discovery.

The OCC's support of partner infrastructure:

OCC's evolving role may be of keen interest to campus IT leadership, Grossman said. If a campus does not want to bring up its own dedicated science cloud to support the long-term maintenance of infrastructure to provide access to data, then it could buy in for a period of time to a third-party infrastructure. "And as a not-for-profit, we are one of the options out there for universities that want to participate but that don't necessarily have their own infrastructure for sharing data. This is something universities are thinking about and it is an option we provide."

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