OSDC Milestone - Over 700 Resource Allocations Granted


Today we're proud to announce another Open Science Data Cloud milestone. Over 700 resource allocations have been granted to researchers to use the OSDC and the list of publications that utilized the OSDC continues to grow.

As demand for resources to store, share, and analyze terabyte and petabyte scale datasets continues to grow, so too does the OSDC ecosystem. Individuals granted OSDC resource allocations can house and share their own scientific data, access datasets in our Public Data Commons directly mounted to their virtual machines, build and share customized virtual machines with tools for data analysis, and then perform the analysis to answer their research questions. The OSDC is a one-stop shop for making scientific research faster and easier.

The OSDC continues to support a number of large projects from OCC working groups and OCC members. Remaining available resources are allocated to other applicants based on merit.

Learn more about the OSDC resource allocation process or apply for your own resource allocation.

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