OSDC Griffin - A New Public Resource


The OCC is very pleased to announce availability of our newest public resource, OSDC Griffin.

OSDC Griffin is a compute resource named after the Chicago Architect Marion Mahony Griffin. Griffin is an OpenStack cluster utilizing ephemeral storage in VMs with access to a separate S3-compatible storage system for persistent data storage. OSDC Griffin has 610 cores, 2391 GiB of RAM, and 369664 GiB of VM/ephemeral storage. Allocations to all users and projects are managed at the “tenant” level.

To apply for a resource allocation on OSDC Griffin use the OSDC Resource Allocation Application and select "Public Cloud". Applications are considered on a quarterly basis as part of our allocation process.

Recipients of OSDC resource allocations are expected to:

  • Make appropriate use of OSDC resources and use good social behavior (ie - terminating VMs when not in use).
  • Do not share ssh keys or login information - One user per resource allocation.
  • Cite the OSDC in any papers and publications.
  • Regularly respond to quarterly OSDC allocation surveys
  • Submit tickets to the OSDC support ticketing system when encountering technical issues not covered by the OSDC support documentation.

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