OSDC Milestone - Retiring the OSDC Adler Resource


Today we're proud to announce a major milestone in the Open Science Data Cloud's history. For the first time, we're retiring an OSDC user resource after many years of service.

OSDC Adler served the general science and bioinformatics communities for many years and was instrumental to a number of researchers exploring the modENCODE and ENCODE datasets. It was the initial home for Project Matsu, a collaboration between NASA and the Open Cloud Consortium to develop open source technology for cloud-based processing of satellite imagery to support the earth sciences.

The Adler resource was paid for with generous support from the Moore Foundation and continuously maintained with support from our other generous sponsors. OSDC Adler users had access to 312 cores and approximately 1PB of raw storage. Adler's software stack included Eucalyptus / Openstack. Active researchers on OSDC Adler were provided allocations on the OSDC Sullivan public resource to continue their research.

With lifespans for intensively used computing hardware generally estimated to be between three and four years, OSDC Adler served faithfully for nearly 5 years. The Adler hardware will continue to be used internally by the OSDC team for testing and development.

You can learn more about available OSDC resources here.

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