Project Matsu @ HyspIRI 2014

This week OSDC lead Maria Patterson will participate in the 2014 HyspIRI Symposium in Maryland as part of the OCC’s collaboration with NASA, Project Matsu. Dr. Patterson will give a talk on the Matsu Wheel for analytics that nightly processes large volumes of satellite data. Stuart Fry, Dan Mandl, Pat Cappelcare and Vuong Ly of Project Matsu will also be presenting and organizing.

The symposium will focus on enabling the evolution of land imaging by using new approaches and products. Participants will discuss ways the HyspIRI mission and other new technologies can help address sustainable imaging land requirements.

The HyspIRI mission includes two instruments mounted on a satellite. There is an imaging spectrometer measuring from the visible to short wave infrared and a multispectral imager measuring the mid and thermal infrared (TIR). You can learn more about the HyspIRI mission here:

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