NORC Joins the Open Cloud Consortium


We’re proud to announce that NORC is now a member of the Open Cloud Consortium!

NORC at the University of Chicago (NORC) and the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) announced today that they have entered into a multi-year agreement that brings NORC into the OCC.
NORC will be involved in several OCC Working Groups, including the Open Science Data Cloud Working Group. The Open Science Data Cloud already has rich collections of data from the earth sciences and the biological sciences. Working together, NORC and the OCC plan to add a variety of interesting datasets to the Open Science Data Cloud.

As partners, NORC and the OCC plan to take the experience they gained in separately designing, configuring, operating, and managing their respective data analysis portals – the OCC’s Open Science Data Cloud and NORC’s Data Enclave – and work to cooperatively create the Omni Science Data Enclave. This Enclave will serve as a secure open source cloud platform for researchers to both access and analyze selected large datasets.

You can view our joint press release here.

Learn more about how your organization can become a member of the OCC here.

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