OCC Cloud resources

This is an update about some of the cloud computing resources that are managed by the Open Cloud Consortium:

  • The Open Science Data Cloud (OSDC) currently consists of six racks containing 159 nodes, 1248 cores and 1.2 PB of usable storage. This is divided into a utility cloud called OSDC-Adler that is based upon Eucalyptus and a utility cloud called OSDC-Sullivan that is based upon OpenStack. This equipment was provided by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF). The OSDC is being rolled out over three years and this is the Phase 1a infrastructure. The Phase 1b infrastructure will be added in 2012 and will be approximately the same size.
  • The OCC-Y Cluster consists of 4 racks, 928 cores and 1 PB of storage and is a data cloud based upon the Hadoop.
  • The OCC Open Cloud Testbed has approximately 1 rack of equipment at three different locations (Chicago, Livermore and Miami) that can be used for experimental studies and testing of cloud computing software and services.

If you have a project that would like to use the OSDC-Adler, OSDC-Sullivan or OCC-Y facilities, please write us at info at opencloudconsortium dot org.

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