OCC Announces Tukey – An Integrated Set of Cloud Services for Working with Big Data

The OCC announced the availability in beta of Tukey, which is an integrated set of cloud services designed specifically to enable scientific researchers to manage, analyze and make discoveries with big data.

The integrated services include: hosting large public scientific datasets; standard installations of the open source OpenStack and Eucalyptus systems, which provide instant on demand computing infrastructure; standard installations of the open source Hadoop system, which is the most popular platform for processing big data; standard installations of UDT, which is a protocol for transporting large datasets; authentication with Shibboleth, a SSO authentication service developed by Internet2; and a variety of domain specific applications.

The beta version of Tukey is being used by several of the OCC Open Science Data Cloud research projects, including: the Matsu Project, which hosts over two years of data from NASA’s EO-1 satellite; Bionimbus, which is a system for managing, analyzing, and sharing large genomic datasets; and bookworm, which is an applications that extracts patterns from large collections of books.

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