OICR Joins the OCC


We’re proud to announce that The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) is now a member of the Open Cloud Consortium!

OICR will be involved with several OCC Working Groups, including the Open Science Data Cloud Working Group and the Biomedical Commons Cloud Working Group, to build systems for cancer genomics analysis and biomedical data sharing.

“Cancer genomics data sets are now too large to download over the Internet, and the compute resources needed to mine them for knowledge are out of reach for many researchers. Our collaboration will enable researchers from around the world to get the data, perform sophisticated analyses over it, and to extract knowledge that can be used to improve cancer diagnosis and care,” said Dr. Lincoln Stein, Director of the Informatics and Bio-computing Program at OICR.

“The Biomedical Commons Cloud (BCC) provides a medical research center a quick and easy way to get access to a secure and compliant cloud that contains a critical mass of biomedical data,” said Dr. Robert Grossman, Director of the OCC. “We are very excited that OICR will be one of the founding partners of this effort.”

The full joint press release is available here.

Learn more about how your organization can become a member of the OCC here.

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