OSDC Resource Allocations


The OSDC has a very active community of BETA users and demand for OSDC services is growing. To better distribute available resources among interested researchers, the OSDC moved on August 1st to a new resource allocation paradigm.

In the new paradigm, OSDC resource allocations generally run for 3 months at a time and begin on January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1. All incoming applications for resources will be reviewed near one of these terms and are due on the 15th of the month prior (e.g., December 15th for the allocation period starting January 1st). During the survey process, a resource allocation extension can be requested if your research is not yet complete. Established partner projects and Labs and OCC members that have contributed hardware will be given first priority.

To apply for a resource allocation during the period beginning on October 1st please use the OSDC Resource Allocation Application. Special protected resources like the Bionimbus-PDC have their own separate application process.

Recipients of OSDC resource allocations are expected to:

  • Make appropriate use of OSDC resources and use good social behavior (ie - terminating VMs when not in use).
  • Cite the OSDC in any papers and publications
  • Regularly respond to quarterly OSDC allocation surveys
  • Submit tickets to the OSDC support ticketing system when encountering technical issues not covered by the OSDC support documentation

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