Bionimbus / OSDC featured in Scientific American

The OSDC and Bionimbus were featured in a June 2014 article in Scientific American called "Bioinformatics: Big Data Versus the Big C."

Analysing the genomes of 8,200 tumours is just a start. Researchers are “trying to figure out how we can bring together and analyse, over the next few years, a million genomes”, says Robert Grossman, who directs the Initiative in Data Intensive Science at the University of Chicago in Illinois. This is an immense undertaking; the combined cancer genome and normal genome from a single patient constitutes about 1 terabyte (1012 bytes) of data, so a million genomes would generate an exabyte (1018 bytes). Storing and analysing this much data could cost US$100 million a year, Grossman says."

University of Chicago Pathologist and OSDC user Megan McNerney's discoveries (M. E. McNerney et al. Blood 121, 975–983; 2012) are featured as a bioinformatics project that has shown the benefits of mining data.

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