What is the OSDC?


We've recently finished a short video to help describe the services provided by the Open Science Data Cloud and the need that drives our interest in providing this service.

If you're new to the OSDC ecosystem or just want to learn more about what the OSDC offers offers, watch the video here.

Interested researchers can apply for an OSDC resource allocation here.

Big data is important to transforming research and the OCC is giving away a limited number of Discovery Awards to encourage scientists to experiment with developing novel technology for analyzing big data. We also think it’s important to encourage use of big data in the business community and are giving away a limited number of Innovation Awards.

Both awards will give users free computing resources on the Open Science Data Cloud.

Our Discovery Awards (for scientific research) are for 50,000 OSDC core hours and are available to selected scientists and researchers. OCC Innovation Awards (for businesses) are for 30,000 OSDC core hours. We especially encourage small businesses to apply.

To learn more or to apply for a Discovery or Innovation Award, first apply for an OSDC resource allocation, then send an email noting your application and a short paragraph describing what you’d like to do with the core hours awarded to info@opencloudconsortium.org.

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